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Sun, Aug 01 20214 min read
Just another day, I was making memes on reddit, and writing code in the interval. It suddenly struck me, why can't I do both at the same time? Making memes inside code is totally possible, just make ascii based memes inside comments. However, it's very time consuming to
  1. Find the meme template
  2. Download it.
  3. Convert it to ascii format
  4. Paste it into IDE
  5. Make them as comments
After a few tries, I decided to make a vscode extension to speed up this process by combing all those steps into one: Hitting a hotkey on your keyboard.
Extension Link:
Github link:


In order to write a vscode extension, first you need yo and generator-code, install them by
npm install -g yo generator-code
After installation you can
yo code
And the command line will interactively prompt you a number of options and you can follow them one by one.
After the steps, you will have a working hello-word vscode extension.


I was planning supporting 4 commands for this extension
  • insertRandomMeme
  • copyRandomMeme
  • insertMeme
  • copyMeme
In order to achieve those, I need use vscode extension API extensively.
To insert code, you first need to get current selection position, then you can insert text into those places.
editor?.selections.forEach((v) =>
edit.replace(v, comment(getRandomMeme()))
One thing you need to know is that vscode keeps the inserted text selected after insertion, you need to unselect the text by clearing selection
editor.selection = new vscode.Selection(
For copying text to clipboard, it's very easy, just use some simple vscode api, you need to notify users after copy
vscode.window.showInformationMessage('Random meme copied to clipboard');
Now inserting random memes are easy, while if you want to insert a meme selected by user, you need to have user input. Fortunately, we have QuickPick api that allows user to pick one from our list:
const options = Object.keys(memes).map((label) => ({ label }));
const quickPick = vscode.window.createQuickPick();
quickPick.items = options;
Show the QuickPick on user command:;
Receive user input from callback, hide the quick pick after selection:
quickPick.onDidChangeSelection(([{ label }]) => {
comment(memes[label as keyof typeof memes])
vscode.window.showInformationMessage('Random meme copied to clipboard');
One more thing we need to consider, memes need to be wrapped inside comments, different language have different comment styles, we need to allow user to configure those by adding configuration inside pakcage.json like:
"configuration": [
"title": "Meme maker",
"properties": {
"vsc-memer.commentStyle": {
"type": "string",
"default": "line",
"enum": [
"enumDescriptions": [
"line comment style, like //",
"block comment style, like /* */"
"description": "Type of comment style"
"vsc-memer.lineComment": {
"type": "string",
"default": "//",
"description": "Symbol of line comments the generated meme should be wrapped in"
"vsc-memer.blockCommentLeft": {
"type": "string",
"default": "/*",
"description": "Symbol of left side of block comments the generated meme should be wrapped in"
"vsc-memer.blockCommentRight": {
"type": "string",
"default": "*/",
"description": "Symbol of right side of block comments the generated meme should be wrapped in"
Note they needs to be under contributes block, otherwise they would do nothing.
Adding comment mark is easy, but one more thing we need to consider: windows and macOS/linux have different line endings. Also vscode can override system settings, it becomes more and more complicated now.
First we need to read vscode config files.eol, if it's not set to auto, we need to insert the option value.
If it's auto, we need get operating system's EOL by using node api os.EOL.
After implementing all the features, we need to register all the commands like:


It's very straight forward, just hit F5 and you can debug in the child vscode window from host vscode window.


After you finished your code, you need another tool to publish it vsce, install it by:
npm i -g vsce
Also you need to have an Azure devops account, and create a publisher in vscode market place.
You also need to generate a personal access token with permission to manage you vscode marketplace and all accessible organizations from Azure devops.
Read offical documentation for more information.
After you have your personal access token you can
vsce login <your_publisher_name>
Then you can just
vsce publish


A great extension needs create promotion, since it's meme making extension, I decided to promote it mainly on reddit using memes. If you have discord server, twitter following, YouTube channel, you can always use them to promote.


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