auto seedr

Electron UI for seedr
manage your seedr files with ease, without having to resolve to web.

vsc memer

Vscode extension for inserting ascii memes inside code
  • ascii charters based meme templates, can be directly insert into your code as comments
  • supports any language with any comment style
  • 30+ meme templates to choose from
  • shift+alt+m to insert a random meme


WebDAV, CALDAV, and CARDDAV client for Nodejs and the Browser
  • Easy to use, well documented JSON based WEBDAV API
  • Works in both Browsers and Node.js
  • OAuth2 & Basic Auth helpers built-in
  • Native typescript, fully linted and well tested
  • End to end tested with Apple & Google Cloud.


Next-gen blog generator
  • Generate modern clean looking blog with ease.
  • MDX powered, allowing for interactive content creation.
  • Graphql API and OAuth2.0 Model for permission control
  • Image upload, auto optimize
  • Out-of-the-box light and dark theme support


A modular subset C language compiler
  • Translates a subset of C language into MIPS assembly language
  • All modular design from preprcessor to optimizer, can implement your own module at ease.
  • XML based custom IR format

Student Achievement System

  • Built using Spring + Spring MVC + Mybatis + MySQL(mariaDB) Java EE
  • Supports basic web interfacing and database manipulating.
  • Display and maintain the ranking of students or employees.


A Gomoku(five in a line) AI which is capable of play basic Gomoku games
  • Base level using Alpha Beta Pruning.
  • Middle level using 3 FC Neural Networks
  • Top level using Genetic Algorithm.


Cross Platform Instant Messaging App
  • GUI built using GTK 2.8.3.
  • Message Encrypted using AES-128.
  • User Infomation stored in MySQL Database.
  • Self created TCP based communication protocol.
  • Supports group chat, file transfer, message history, screenshot etc.