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Disclaimer: the love mentioned in this article is limited to admiration of a singer at the level of art, which means I appreciate their songs and other artworks and that's it.
It's been a long time since I fell in love with a new singer. From Justin Timberlake to Lana Del Rey, my favorite artist have changed from time to time, but at a very slow pace. It's been an honor to introduce you my new favorite singer: Billie Eilish.
Born Dec 18, 01, She is younger than most of our generation, including many of her fans and I am one of them. Since I've been known to have pretty high standard for the art. Let me explain why I fell in love with her in an elegant manner.

Her Visuals

You may argue why should people care about a singer's appearance? Apparently, we have long past the era of playing music on phonographs. Also, music video is a thing now. The visual of a singer is key to his/her success. Just take a look at the The Weeknd:
He is the perfect example of how a singer become popular and successful.
First, you need an easy-to-remember name. His original name Abel Makkonen Tesfaye is very difficult for one to remember. On the contrary, The Weeknd is a much better name that people can relate to and easy to remember.
A good name is never enough for one's success, you also need something to draw people's attention. With a haircut like that, hardly anyone can not focusing on you. You stand out from other singers much easier.
Finally, you definitely need a good voice to become popular, the visuals can just offer limited assistance. It is your voice that touches the audience after all.
Enough talk about The Weeknd, let's move on to our protagonist here today:
Billie Eilish
Billie Eilish has a very unique style of visual. Just as she says, she does not belong to any genre. She has this unique estranging yet enclosing, lethargic yet energetic, sorrowful yet delightful vibe. You might have noticed that I used a lot of contradictory terms here, that sums up her visuals pretty well. She has a curvaceous body, but she chose to wear baggy clothes. She has a "mainstream" pretty face, yet she put on scary black makeups. These seemingly abnormal behavior reflects the unique character of hers.
billie baggy clothes
One of the most impressive aspects of Billie's visual is that she didn't make use of any sexual appeal. Using seductive voice and sexy outfit is a common thing in music industry for obvious reasons. There definitely a large number of thirsty fans that would just fell for any kind of good looking singer and "happens" to notice that their good-sounding vocals. This is such a widely adopted strategy that even some "musicians" that didn't really know how to sing gained high popularity simply for being attractive. Now look at Billie, she wears clothes that makes her look like a fluffy ball (in a lovely way), but you have to admit the pure emotions within her songs is something more than beautiful models can bring.
billie blue
A unique and cool girl, to sum up, she is.

Her Personality

When we describe a person as nice, we often mean more than that. A person's personality is complicated and cannot be simplified as nice, kind, or breathtaking. Sure we can say Keanu Reeves is breathtaking, but can we really know about him with just one adjective? Back to Billie, I would use an old-school way of three main characters to describe her.
She is sincere.
Many of the celebrities are trying to build up their fancy pretentious characteristics. To be honest, they are good actors, and almost convinced me that they are caring, loving person with compassion and care about their fans. However, humans have an instinct to tell fraudulent emotion from authentic ones. From my instinct I can tell that they are acting. Their emotions are too dramatic as well as obvious set up to make them appear to have certain characteristics. All those seems, in a word, unnatural.
billie laugh
When it comes to Billie, you can feel that authenticity is running through her veins, every word from her mouth is a true emotion base on her personal experience. One of the reasons might be that maybe she's still at a very young age and not as sophisticated as adults. You can easily feel that she's not the kind of person that would pretend to be someone else.
She is modern.
What do I mean by modern here? Having instagram and facebook does not necessarily mean you are modern, they just make you somewhat modern but not modern. As far as I know most celebrities have their social media managed by other people anyway. When I say modern I mean that she is one from our generation. She watches youtube videos and love them, just like the rest of us. She love singers that we listen to(i.e. Justin Bieber)(ps: I don't like him), just like the rest of us. She hates being similar to the others, just like the rest of us. It is thejust like the rest of us part that makes she modern. You can relate to her, she likes what you like, she hates what you hates. There is a special feeling that you and her are somehow "connected".
She is depressed.
In this era of the Internet, people are more connected than any time in the history yet more distant at the same time. You can talk to people you love from thousands of kilometers away in real time, However when you sit face to face with them, you might find yourself looking at your phone instead of them. A lot of people were depressed because of this, even worse, become suicidal.
Of course I know that there might be multiple factors to this, but from what I can see, this is main reason for it. Teenagers are one of the most depressed groups. They are partly understanding the world, partly not. Confused by many aspects of world, they are more often than not, depressed. Bille is depressed, as explained in one of her interviews. She mentioned that if it weren't for the music, she wouldn't be alive. Her success was largely thanks to her depression, It is this depression that formed her unique style. Depression is a commonly disregarded mental disease. I have friends whose life was ruined by their depression because their parents wouldn't take this disease seriously. Because we all, at one point, depressed, we can relate to the lyrics of her songs, Thus loving her more.

Her Music

How could we forget about the music when we were talking about a singer? I will break down her music style in three paragraphs for the simplicity of this article, but her music cannot be simply represented by these.
The brightness
Just as one of her fans says, she sound like a generic female singer in Ocean Eyes. She has a very clear, crisp, long lasting vocal that is as perfect as you can get for a generic female singer. On top of that she can sing incredibly well on live events, she can hit every little emotional note in the song in all her live performances, which is not something every singer can done these days. She reminds you of the angels from heaven when you hear such a pure, bright voice like that.
billie sing
The darkness
The difference between she and Madilyn Bailey(No offense) is that her voice sound much more unique. The former is a unique artist in major leagues, while the latter is a good-sounding Youtuber who focuses on song covers(no offense again). You could attribute the success of Ocean Eyes to the brightness of her voice. However, the uproar of Bad Guy can only be explained by the The darkness of her music. With a low and whispering voice and the right amount of bass, her music hits everyone at the deep of heart. The sadness in her song is intense and relatable, everyone have their rough times, some have more than others. The point is, love songs and forced happiness-themed songs do not appeal to them. Death metals are too noisy for them. Pure music is of too high taste for them. Billie's music fits in this right in this position that satisfy them the most.
The uniqueness
There are also a large group of teenagers who like things that are different. They love Billie for being different. Billie is different from everyone. She does not belong to any genre. Her music is gloomy, but different from Lana Del Rey's retro melancholy. Her music is crispy, but different from Taylor swift's love-story oriented whirlwind flow. Her music is bass heavy, but different from Ariana Grande's sensual rhythm. With the combination of brightness of darkness, She has reached a special harmony of the two like the Yin and Yang.

In the End

Billie Eilish is an amazing, talented singer, anyone who haven't heard of her should give it a try and get to know her and her music.
This article took longer to write than I expected, If you like it, hit the like button at the bottom of the page and leave your comments below. Love you as always.


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